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Rendezvous Day #4

September 21, 2012 By Leave A Comment

Sunday has come too soon. Lot’s of good bys to be said and see you next year being the last thing we say to each other. The day is not only a good Southern California kind of day at the end of summer but not as hot as the past three days.

The day starts off with a ‘Run with the Cops’ and a Non-denominational Church Service.

Then the PARADE OF CHAMPIONS CRUISE. Last chance to see some of the winners of this years event.

The last event is the ‘Burnout’ contest. The title sponsor for this event is Matich Corp a big local General Contractor. And yes they do go in and repave after we shut down. You can see and hear but you cannot smell this event. For those of us down front and close to the cars the smell lingers for a long time. This is a  crowd favorite and one that was well attended for a Sunday afternoon.

See you all next year.


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Since 1998 Jim Conkle has worked full time on the preservation, restoration, and promotion of Route 66. He has become a major spokesperson for Route 66 and has worked with state, national, and international groups as well as tour operators and government agencies. He has built a large network of supporters through presentations to service clubs and national conferences and he has lobbied for the road on regional and national levels. He wears many hats and here is a list of them; Publisher/Editor/Writer/Speaker/Consultant/Lobbyist/TourDirector/TVHost But the title he is most proud of is ROADIE.

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