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Shiloh Steak House, Cortez, Colorado & Route 66???

October 22, 2012 By Leave A Comment

For those of us involved in the road we are not shocked when we see someone half way around the world, away from the road, wearing a hat from some place on the road. Nor running into people that have either traveled the road or want to one day.

One of my daily goals when on the road is to see old friends and meet new ones. Not often though that I get to run into really old roadie friends off the road. Yet that is just what happened on this tour. Being we had spent the day at Mesa Verde National Park and were spending the night in Cortez, we looked for a place to eat.  So 23 of us walked down the road to the Shiloh Steak House for dinner.

Walking in and down the hall it became obvious this place had a connection with the road. The wall has a montage of Route 66 photos, items and a very big mural map of the road. Yet we are not on or even near the road or in a state the road goes through.

One of the folks in my tour asked the young lady why the Route 66 theme and she replied that the owners were old Route 66 fans. I asked for their names, not expecting that I would know them. Well it turns out they are, Mark & Anita Rogers, two people that were icons on the road at one time. They lived in OK and were very much involved in the forming of the OK state association.

We of course shared a hug, a warm greeting and many smiles between us. I think the folks in the tour group got as big an enjoyment out of this chance meeting as the three of us did.

If you are ever in the area please stop by to not only say hello but to have a meal with them. The decor, service and food are outstanding. I can assure you that on any future tours I lead to that area we will be stopping to enjoy a good meal.

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