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October 14, 2012 By Leave A Comment

As most of you that know me are aware that I enjoy doing tours. Well this one might have been somewhat different then my other tours as we were only on Route 66 for a few hours in Flagstaff.

I wish folks on the road could have met this group of wonderful folks all from England. I did share with them some of the places and people on the road. Hopefully over the next few years we will see all of them come visit Route 66.

Tour guides/directors will tell you that every tour group has it own culture. The makeup of the group, the itinerary, the weather, the mode of transportation, etc are all elements of a tour. Good or bad anyone of the above add or distracts from the success of a tour.

This tour rates on a scale of 1-10 a 10+. Each day, each stop and each person on the tour added something of value. There were more “AWE” moments shared by this group then they were expecting. I want to thank all the people that were on this tour for they are awesome, and I have added all of you to my friends list.

As I write this blog the tour is not yet over and I will be sharing more of this in later blogs.

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