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Rendezvous Day #3 evening

September 21, 2012 By Leave A Comment

Heading the afternoon and evening, other then the Cruisin’ & car show that is on going, is the Open Header Cruise and Contest. And when you watch and hear our videos you will get a small sense of just how LOUD these cars are.

At the contest the DCB’s are all over 100 with the winner this year, as he has now won for the last four years, hit 122 dcb’s. And the crowds loved it.

This is also our big night at the Stater Bros Court Street Stage as WILD CHILD, the Doors Tribute Band entertain. From the first day to the last there are bands/groups on stage that cover everyone’s taste.

When 9 o’clock came NO one wanted to leave the down town area. The weather was perfect, the night was young and everyone was having fun. Yet within 30 minutes the crowds had dispersed and the clean up began.

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